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Ford Trade Club Member Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

To register your participation, click here and log in to ensure your details are up to date, and scroll to the Loyalty Dollars section of the page to read and accept these Terms & Conditions.
Ford means Ford Motor Company of Australia Pty Ltd with registered office at 600 Victoria Street, Richmond, Victoria, 3121.
Ford Parts refers to all Ford parts including those branded with “Ford”, “Ford Parts”, “Ford Motorcraft” and “Omnicraft”.
Ford Trade Club (FTC) refers to the program developed by Ford to make available competitive pricing on FTC promoted parts to Ford Trade Club Members through Ford’s authorised Ford Trade Club Dealer network.
Ford Trade Club Dealer or Dealer means an Authorised Ford Dealer which is a Parts Distributor, Wholesale Dealer or Retail Dealer, who is enrolled and actively participating in the Ford Trade Club program.
Ford Trade Club Member means a registered Ford Trade Club member. Go to fordtradeclub.com.au for full terms and conditions of membership.
Ford Trade Club Membership Number is a unique eight-digit number that identifies each Ford Trade Club Member.
Independent Aftermarket Wholesaler means an independent wholesaler of parts.
Loyalty Benefits means benefits that a Member can redeem their Loyalty Dollars for other than the purchase of Ford Parts.
Loyalty Dollars refers to the Program currency (excluding GST) that Members earn when they purchase Ford Parts at a Ford Trade Club Dealer.
Loyalty Dollars Account means a Member’s Loyalty Dollars online account that can be accessed via the Ford Trade Club Member website, www.fordtradeclub.com.au.
Member means a registered Ford Trade Club member who has accepted the Program’s Terms and Conditions.
Member Account User refers to a person who has applied and been granted access to a Loyalty Dollars Account.
Nominated Dealer Nominated Dealer refers to the Dealer from which a Member can redeem their Loyalty Dollars.
Parts Finder means the electronic parts catalogue on the Ford Trade Club website.
Program means this Ford Trade Club Member Loyalty Program.
Promotion refers to a campaign that rewards Members with additional Loyalty Dollars for achieving a defined objective in accordance with the Promotion’s terms and conditions.
Terms and Conditions or T&Cs means these terms and conditions as amended by Ford from time to time.

Joining the Program
1. The Program is open to all Members with the exclusion of:
  a.  registered Independent Aftermarket Wholesalers
  b.  any other entity that Ford determines in its absolute discretion.
  c.  any entity or person affiliated with a Ford Trade Club Dealer or Ford Trade Club Dealer franchise group and
2. To participate in the Program, a Ford Trade Club Member must accept the Terms and Conditions.
3. Ford Trade Club Members who do not accept the Terms and Conditions will not earn Loyalty Dollars.

Earning Loyalty Dollars
4. Members can earn Loyalty Dollars every time they purchase Ford Parts from a Ford Trade Club Dealer.
5. At times:
  a.  Ford will run Promotions that will allow Members to earn bonus Loyalty Dollars.
  b.  Ford will offer bonus Loyalty Dollars to Members for participating in an online activity such as completing a feedback survey or placing an online order via the Parts Finder.
6. Prior to making a purchase, Members should confirm that their Ford Trade Club Membership Number is attached to their customer record in the Dealer’s system, otherwise Loyalty Dollars will not be earned on that purchase.
7. If a Member does not know their Ford Trade Club Membership Number, they should ask a Dealer.
8. Members can check their Loyalty Dollars Account balance by logging into www.fordtradeclub.com.au.
9. It can take up to 40 days from the time of purchase of Ford Parts for any Loyalty Dollars earned to appear in a Member’s Loyalty Dollars Account.

Redeeming Loyalty Dollars
10. Loyalty Dollars can be redeemed as money off the Member’s next Ford Parts purchase or redeemed online for Loyalty Benefits (when available).
11. All Member Account Users can access and redeem Loyalty Dollars as part of the Program.
12. When redeeming, Members must redeem a minimum of 10 Loyalty Dollars in every transaction.
13. Members can only redeem Loyalty Dollars from their Nominated Dealer. Members can see their Nominated Dealer by logging into www.fordtradeclub.com.au.
14. A Member’s Nominated Dealer may change from time to time but can be checked online before redeeming Loyalty Dollars.
15. To redeem Loyalty Dollars for money off the next Ford Parts purchase, Members should call or visit their Nominated Dealer and quote their Ford Trade Club Membership Number and the amount of Loyalty Dollars they wish to redeem.
16. Ford may set a maximum amount of Loyalty Dollars that can be earned as part of a Promotion. This maximum amount will be set out in the Promotion terms and conditions.
17. Loyalty Dollars will expire 18 months after the end of the year in which they are earned, e.g. Loyalty Dollars earned in the year 2023 will expire on 30th June 2025.

Change, Suspension or Termination by Ford
18. Subject to section 20, Ford reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these T&Cs, the Program or take any other action at any time without notice.
19. Where Ford changes the T&Cs, a copy of the revised T&Cs will be available on the Ford Trade Club website.
20. In the event that Ford makes a change that will adversely impact Members then Ford will provide Members with advanced notice of that change.

Member Details
21. Members must keep their details up to date. Otherwise, Ford may not be able to provide the Loyalty Benefits and the Loyalty Dollars Account may be suspended.
22. Members can update their details at any time by simply logging into www.fordtradeclub.com.au
23. It is each Ford Trade Club Member’s responsibility to keep their Ford Trade Club Member account password safe. Ford Trade Club Members must take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised use or access to their Ford Trade Club Member account.

Loyalty Dollars
24. Members cannot transfer Loyalty Dollars to another Loyalty Dollars Account.
25. Members cannot redeem Loyalty Dollars via any means other than as set out in these T&Cs.
26. Loyalty Benefits cannot be exchanged or refunded except as expressly set out in these T&Cs.
27. Loyalty Dollars are issued by Ford and remain the property of Ford.
28. Any tax or other liability incurred by a Member arising from participation in the Program is the Member’s responsibility.
29. Ford may reverse Loyalty Dollars which have been allocated to a Member if there are any grounds which Ford considers, in its reasonable discretion, justify a reversal.
30. Ford reserves the right to monitor a Member’s purchase history to ensure that any Loyalty Dollars are accumulated legitimately.
31. Ford may close a Member’s Loyalty Dollars Account in its absolute discretion at any time.

Loyalty Benefits
32. Ford may specify conditions and exclusions for any Loyalty Benefits and may change these from time to time.
33. In the event a Member redeems Loyalty Dollars online and the Ford Part or Loyalty Benefit is not available at the time of redemption, Ford will reinstate those Loyalty Dollars.
34. Ford may reverse Loyalty Benefits which have been allocated to a Member if there are any grounds which Ford considers, in its reasonable discretion, justify a reversal.
35. Ford reserves the right to monitor a Member’s purchase history to ensure that any Loyalty Benefits are accumulated legitimately.

Cancellation by Member
36. Members who no longer wish to participate in the Program but would like to remain a Ford Trade Club Member can close their Loyalty Dollars Account by logging in to www.fordtradeclub.com.au.
37. Once Members close their Loyalty Dollars Account, they will no longer earn Loyalty Dollars. Any remaining balance may be redeemed prior to expiration.

Cancellation by Ford
38. Ford reserves the right at any time without notice to:
  a.  amend, withdraw or cancel any Loyalty Dollars or Loyalty Benefits
  b.  reverse any Loyalty Benefits, including any Loyalty Dollars, credited to an account.
  c.  terminate a Member’s participation in the Program or
  d.  terminate the Program, on the basis that a Member:
  e.  abused, misused or attempted to abuse or misuse a Loyalty Dollar Account, any aspect of the Program or any Promotions or anything else associated with Ford.
  f.  did anything contrary to these T&Cs
  g.  fraudulently accumulated Loyalty Dollars or Loyalty Benefits
  h.  used or attempted to use Loyalty Dollars in a way not permitted by the T&Cs
  i.  engaged in unacceptable conduct in connection the Program, including dishonest, fraudulent or wrongful conduct
  j.  becomes insolvent or ceases operations or
  k.  has not purchased any Ford Parts with their Ford Trade Club Membership Number at any time during a continuous 18-month period.
39. Each Member agrees that Ford may take any action necessary as described above without providing advance notice to the Member.
40. Upon cancellation of a Member’s participation in the Program, Ford may retain that Member’s information where necessary.
41. In the case of intervention or an outside act, agent or event which prevents or significantly hinders any aspect of the Program, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, tempests, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, strike, war, pandemic, act of terrorism, computer virus, fraud, tampering, unauthorised intervention, technical failure, Ford may in its absolute discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Program.

Rights and Liability
42. Each Member acknowledges and agrees that from time to time there may be:
  a.  a delay in issuing Loyalty Benefits
  b.  acts, errors or omissions by Ford in the course of providing Loyalty Benefits
  c.  can unexpected suspension and/or termination of the Program, including the ability to earn and redeem Loyalty Dollars and enjoy Loyalty Benefits
  d.  and to the maximum extent permitted by law (and provided that nothing in these T&Cs limits a Member’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law), Ford will not be liable to a Member in any way for any cause in connection with such matters, including for any unused Loyalty Dollars or balance in a Loyalty Dollars Account at the time of termination.
43. Provided that nothing in these T&Cs limits a Member’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law, any liability Ford (and its related bodies corporate as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) has to a Member in negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and all conditions and warranties as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services supplied by Ford pursuant to these T&Cs, whether express or implied by statute, are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law, and, where liability cannot be excluded (such as where the Australian Consumer Law applies), Ford’s liability to a Member will in all cases be limited to:
  a.  the cost of re-supplying the goods or services or repairing, or paying the costs of repairing, the goods; or
  b.  reinstating the number of Loyalty Dollars or other Loyalty Benefits, in dispute.
44. Ford (and its related bodies corporate as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) will not be liable to any Member for any loss (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss), damage or personal injury which is suffered or sustained (including without limitation to that caused by any person’s negligence) relating to this Program or associated with the Loyalty Dollars or Loyalty Benefits. In respect of any liability which cannot be excluded by law, Ford’s liability is limited to the minimum amount allowable by law.

45. Personal information of Members that is disclosed to Ford as part of the Program will be used for business purposes. Ford may also disclose your personal information to its dealers, related companies and third parties who provide (or help Ford provide) products and services including to overseas locations such as the UK.
46. Members’ personal information is handled in accordance with Ford’s privacy policy (available at www.ford.com.au/privacy/).
47. By participating in the Program, Members agree to receive marketing related communications via the FTC Member’s existing communications preferences. This may include Program related news, Promotions and exclusive offers. Members who do not wish to receive these marketing related communications or who wish to update their preferences, can do so by logging into www.fordtradeclub.com.au or email enquiries@fordtradeclub.com.au.

Contact Us
48. For any queries or complaints regarding the Program, please phone the Nominated Dealer or email enquiries@fordtradeclub.com.au.

Last updated: 15th May 2023 .


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